Moving Fears

admin July 8, 2010 0

With moving comes a barrage of fears that if you spend all your time thinking about the “what-ifs” before moving, you may truly get a nervous breakdown. Research has revealed that close to 50 percent of people who are about to move all experience anxiety issues. One of the fears that is facing most people who are moving today is the concerns about selecting the right moving company. With so many scam movers stories occurring in different parts of the nation, one is always taking a risk when they are relocating. But it does not necessarily have to be so; you will be saving yourself a lot of heartache if you do your background checks and be smart about your moving company search. It is obvious that a moving company that exists without a physical office is one that you should not be associated with at all.

In addition, a moving company that does not identify who they are over the telephone when you call is also a sure-fire sign that you are dealing with movers who are not legal to do such a business. You can safeguard yourself from companies like these by checking the listing in the telephone directory. From the directory display ads, you could get a feel of the moving company by the information that would appear in the ad. Most moving companies are proud of not only being certified to do business but they would also let you know how long they have been in business in the directory ad as well. These preliminary results would give you enough confidence to visit the moving company where you would meet with the owners of the moving company and also view their certifications to see if they are legitimate. You should visit at least three moving companies in person and get references and customer testimonials from them before you make your decision on which moving company you should choose.

For the company that gives you the lowest quote, you should verify how legitimate they are with the Better Business Bureau as low prices too are indication of a inexperience moving company trying to make a quick
dollar off of you.

Another moving stress is the one which finds you worrying about getting everything all packed up and ready for when the movers get to your home. With proper packing tips ahead of time, some four weeks before you move we can almost guarantee that your last week of moving would be spent in relaxed mode as you enjoy your last few days in your old neighborhood with some good friends.

Also, although we may not want to think about it, damages can occur to your furniture during the move; to safeguard yourself against this you should ask your insurance company about moving insurance. more about
moving insurance. Finally no one wants to move in to their new home and not have electricity and other services such as phone and cable. You can stop your panic attack in its tracks by letting the utility companies know in advance about your impending move. A week before moving day arrives, you should call the utility companies again to confirm your request so that they can expedited matters about your relocation.