Moving Out Of State

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No one said that long-distance moves were fun and stress-free; it can be a daunting task when you think about all that is involved when heading cross-country with your household items and family in tow.
As complicated as a long distance move can be, there are some pitfalls that you can avoid as you plan your move. Even when you hire professional movers it is important that you plan things out correctly.

One of the fundamental parts of moving long distance is getting everything all packed up and ready to go. Given the fact that this is such a tedious and drawn-out process, you may want to put your packing in the hands of a professional packer rather than getting it done yourself. True, you may want to save some money by packing your own items, but you also run the risk of getting damaged items at the end of the move, especially if you did not package them well.

How much does it cost to move across the country ? That can depend on many things from the size of your move, type of move, and also the distance of your move. Movers all use different methods for creating their estimates so it is best to shop around as much as you can for a cross country move.

In addition, assigning the packing to a company would also give you time to focus on the other aspects of the move that may somehow be less stressful.

Once the packing is sorted out, the next items up for moving would be your vehicles. Depending on how far out of state you are moving, you may want to consider driving your own vehicle to get there. So, say for instance you currently live in Connecticut and wish to move to New Jersey, this is clearly a three-hour drive that you can achieve easily. There are also those who would even drive five hours just to ensure that their vehicle is void from damage from the movers.

In other instances, it is very difficult to drive your own vehicle; in those cases you may have to rely on a moving company that can take your vehicle from point A to point B. You would need the car moving company to be able to pick up your vehicle(s) without delay and at the time you specified. The last thing you want is to leave your vehicle behind and it does not get removed at the time you specified. Before leaving to go to your new home, confirm with the vehicle moving company that they would either pick up the vehicle on schedule or at least let them notify you if this isn’t possible early in the game.

Because your household items could take close to 3 days -7 days to arrive at your new home, you may have to relocate to somewhere near until the movers get there. One good idea and a way to save money is by moving in with either close family or friends for a limited time or until your furniture arrives. If you do not have relatives in the state in which you are moving, you may also consider staying at a bed and breakfast or a cheap hotel.

Finally, before moving, it would be wise to get your household items insured just in case there is an accident, theft or damage during transit. Some moving companies offer coverage on your items; for the companies that do not offer it, one can get it independently from those that specify in moving insurance.

There are two types of insurance that you can get for your long distance move. You can sign up for Full Replacement Value insurance which would actually give you the value amount for your inventory while the Full Replacement Value Lump Sum would do just as its name suggests; it would give you the lump sum value of your items.

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