Things to do Before Moving Day

November 29, 2013 0
Things to do Before Moving Day

Moving into a new location in Utah is exciting because it means starting a new adventure, meeting new friends, finding another challenging job and getting familiar with a whole new environment. However, despite the excitement brought on by the adventures of having a fresh start in a new location, it can also elevate your stress levels because of the many activities that you need to complete and challenges you might face.

The best way to minimize stress and challenges in relocation is to get all the details organized and plan ahead of your actual moving date. The following are few of the many things you should consider doing, before your relocation date to ensure that various activities will not overlap each other.

Create a Master List of Activities

Create this list 4 to 6 weeks prior to your move. Your master list should consist of every activity relevant to your relocation. Make sure that the list is handy to make it easy to jot everything down in the next few days. Use the list to take note of special activities and tasks including booking movers, meeting your special storage and packing needs, canceling newspapers and utilities and sending change of address letters and forms to your colleagues and other interested people.

It is also crucial to include in your list of activities a schedule for cleaning up various parts of your home. These include all the rooms such as your basement, attic and garage. Your cupboards, drawers, closets, shelves and chests should also be stripped of valuables and cleaned up. Dividing all your items into four groups is also beneficial for their smooth packing, storage and disposal. These four groups are Throw Away, Keep, Giveaway/Yard Sale and Recycling. There are many charities in Utah that will even pick up your unwanted items.

Record Moving Expenses and Start Packing

Do these tasks at least 2 to 3 weeks prior to your actual moving date. Record all actual and potential expenses regarding your relocation. These include the charges of your chosen mover in Utah and the total cost of the packing materials to use. Recording everything is a good way to track your expenses and identify great solutions to save money.

Start packing your belongings as early as possible. Use durable boxes to prevent your items from getting damaged during transport. After boxing or packing your items, make sure to label each box clearly. Your label should state clearly which room a specific box should go to prevent confusion when unpacking them.

Deal with Bigger Items First

Remember that consuming less space also translates to lower relocation expenses. Consider saving space by finding items in your present home that consume too much space. If these are no longer usable, then consider eliminating them. Note that big items that are no longer usable can only add weight into your transported items and increase the amount charged by your movers. Since most of the local Salt Lake City moving companies charge by the hour, you want to eliminate the amount of items that need to be moved. Take time to evaluate which among your items are worthy to be brought into your new location, and which ones can be disposed.

Contact Service Providers

These include the service providers of your cable, internet, satellite and utility. You need to contact them at least one month before your move to schedule dates for transferring or disconnecting services. If you use online banking, then start updating your bank records by adding your new address. This can help in preventing issues with your bank in the future.

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