Tidying up Before Moving

admin August 10, 2010 0

If you are moving soon from a rental house or apartment you must leave the place in immaculate condition if you want to get back your security deposit before moving out. When you decide to move you already know that you would have a lot on your plate in terms of packing, booking the moving company, changing address and switching off utilities… there is indeed a lot to be done. Because of this, most people tend to move from their old abode to the new, refusing to make that extra effort to tidy up their mess. This act is truly an offensive one to your previous landlord, especially if he has been an exemplary landlord conducting all transactions by the book. Moving professionals would tell you that even if you contract does not promise the return of your security deposit, tidying up before you leave your old premises would be the honorable thing to do.

You can start your tidying project by first getting rid of the expired foodstuff in both the cupboards and refrigerator before moving. After you have emptied by the refrigerator and cupboards, you can then move on to cleaning and wiping the refrigerator’s compartment one at a time.

Similarly, you can dust and wipe out cupboards before sweeping and mopping the floors. When you clean, try using a detergent that would not only clean effectively but one that would fill the room with a clean and fresh scent. If you have carpeted floors, try investing in some carpet cleaning agent before you run the vacuum.

A few days before the actual moving day you can write down the condition of the items that you met in the apartment when you moved in. The landlord would have his own inspection form and would also be documenting the aforementioned information as well.

When you have identified the damages etc. let your landlord know by inviting him over so that the both of you can perform a walk-through, identifying the problems along the way. If there were any items broken by you and your family, you can either volunteer to pay to have it fixed or perhaps you may suggest that he deducts some of repair fees from your security deposit.

Bear in mind that once your old home passes the landlord’s inspection it is highly suggested that you also tidy up and clean the new home as well even before moving in.