How to make money by selling you junk

admin February 7, 2010 0

When people decide to sell their homes, even before they start cleaning and swiping, they should consider getting rid of their unwanted household items. People, who’ve relocated from one home to another many times, know that it’s much easier to plan the move with fewer goods. Less goods makes the process easier. However, don’t just get rid of your unwanted items, there are ways to make money.

We are all aware of reasons why we should go through our closets and storage area and eliminate the unwanted items. If you’re planning to purchase another home you’re going to be moving. In order to transport your goods either you have to hire professional movers, or move it yourself. Either way, you have to clean the junk and leave your home with a better look so that potential buyers can actually realize what this house is all about.

One thing you should know about hiring a residential moving company is that the moves are charged by the hour. So, does it make sense to pay for something that you don’t need in your new home? In addition, you can sell your unwanted items and makes some extra cash, which can help you on another project in your new home.

Once you’ve gone through all the junk out of your house the next thing you should do is have a garage sale or post an ad on local classifieds sites such as Craigslist. Craigslist is the perfect place to list your furniture and outdoor stuff and it’s free to use. For some goods you may receive more value in a consignment store if they are more valuable or antique. Anything you are not able to sell is best to donate to local charities or thrift store.

If you have any books or DVD/CDs find places in your town that buy them such as DVD resale shops, used bookstore or a pawn Shop. Then take one day off and devote it to visiting all those stores around town.

Don’t regret selling something that was occupying your garage or storage shed, someone else may enjoy it. Don’t think about how much you’ve spent for it. And the most important thing is don’t think you’re losing money by selling the item for less than you paid for it. Actually, you are collecting money for an item that could end up in garbage.