Best Cities For Jobs

admin September 19, 2011 0

Jobs are indeed becoming increasingly hard to find; the percentage of unemployed people around the nation is indeed a startling one. Because of this, more and more people are considering to uproot from their current city to move to a city that have more jobs prospects.

If you are currently in this position and are ready to relocate, here are the top cities where you are sure to find jobs. These cities show a low rate of unemployed people spanning all 50 cities.

One of the best places to move and find a job is Denver, Colorado. In Denver, the cost of living is low and you can get to enjoy 90 percent of sunshine throughout the year. The city is best known for its varied outdoor recreation which including hiking, camping, skiing and more. When it comes to housing, you have various options at very affordable prices. If you are thinking about renting, you can actually get a really nice two bedroom townhouse for less than $900. The money that you save on rental payments you can easily take to enjoy Denver’s nightlife. When the sun goes down, restaurants, nightclubs, and barhopping are the popular things to indulge in.

Another great city to find jobs is Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford is a city known for having many insurance companies; if you are looking for jobs in the insurance industry, here is the perfect place to relocate. Other popular jobs here include those in the health industry as well. The housing in Hartford range from luxurious townhouses and condos that are mere walking distance from the financial district. You can rent a downtown townhouse with all amenities for $1200 and upwards or you can choose to live on the outskirts of town for less than that. There are many things to see and do in Hartford; there are many restaurants and bars downtown; the restaurants cater for every eclectic taste. Bushnell Park is the venue for the annual jazz festival as there are places that you can go to enjoy opera and art.

Salt Lake City, Utah is also another city that you can relocate to because they are hiring. When you live in Salt Lake City, you cannot help but be drawn in to its outdoor lifestyle filled with biking trails up the mountains. The city is diverse by nature and so too are the restaurants that are there. You will also find many festivals that take place in Salt Lake City; you can catch a jazz concert today or optimize your entertainment with some ballet and opera the next day. Homes for rent in Salt Lake City are affordable; you can get a two bedroom home for just $700 in some areas. There are also quite a few rent-to-own options as well. If you are planning to move to Salt Lake City, please contact E-Z Moving to make your move a smooth one.