How Moving Companies Calculate the Cost of a Move

admin March 19, 2010 0

Proper equipment sizing, experience of personnel and equipment availability are all taken into account when moving companies work out a quote for you. Some people may compromise when it comes to customer service especially if they’re getting a good deal. Using a smaller truck may involve having to do several trips, which will result in higher gas prices. Personally, I feel when you base your decision purely on price you increase the chance of things going wrong and when it does, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ plays out in the back of your mind.They not only assist with moving but they also offer storage options and packing services.The rate is also dependent on the number of movers in the crew and the number of trucks used.

There are other additional charges to take into consideration, including packing and unpacking services, and piano moving which is charged additionally. There are number of factors people should consider before committing to a moving company, including the price of the move, company reputation, convenient location, provided services and customer service aspects of the business. A tip for people thinking of cutting corners, using smaller equipment than required for the job results in multiple trips, which increases the overall price. If possible, try to plan and book your move well in advance.

Moving can be a stressful experience but if you take the time to research and plan well ahead you can end up saving yourself time and money. Also, using a smaller vehicle you are more likely to try and squeeze more items into the truck which can cause some damage. I’ve compiled a short list of tips to help you understand how moving companies work out their pricing. Some people look forward to the fresh start, while others prefer not to move at all.

It’s important to know some moving companies perform home visits which give you a more exact moving quote, while other companies will give you an approximate price over the phone and the final price is worked out on the day. Local moves are dependent on a number of factors, including the size of the move, equipment accessibility and services requested. So how do moving companies work out the price of your move and what can you do to reduce your price?

Pricing structures differ depending if the move is local, interstate or international. It’s advised to ring around and get a few quotes from different moving companies before making your final decision and remember to find out what they charge for additional services. Local moving companies bill customers on an hourly rate. On average people move residential addresses about five times in their lifetime. On some big jobs, having a large crew maybe more economical than employing a small crew, which may take double the time to do the same job. While it may be tempting to opt for a cheaper, smaller sized truck in the long run you may pay more for it.