Guide on Moving Small Apartments in Salt Lake City

December 7, 2013 0
Guide on Moving Small Apartments in Salt Lake City

Moving from apartments in Salt Lake City can be quite challenging but with the right knowledge and preparation, you should be able to accomplish it with a lot of ease. This applies particularly to moving small apartments.

Especially if you’re a student or a small family, moving small apartments could be a little difficult specifically if you don’t have a vehicle for moving all your stuff and furniture. In this case, you should consider hiring a professional movers to help you out. You would need to set aside money for the moving expenses but in the end, you will realize it is all worth it.

How to Contact a Local Movers in Salt Lake City

In opting for the services of a local mover in Salt Lake City, make sure that you contact them at least 6 weeks before the actual day you intend to move apartments. Ask for a written estimate of how much your move will cost and don’t forget to ask about their small apartment moving services. Small apartment moving would cost less compared to regular moving services because it doesn’t typically include a crew that will be responsible in the loading and unloading of items in the truck. (Make sure you have someone to help you out in this aspect on the day of the move itself.)

One Month before You Move…

One month before your decided date to move, start talking with your landlord or landlady and inform him/her about your plan to move. It is a courteous gesture to notify your landlord or landlady beforehand even if your lease is up. The landlord would need to find a new renter so he will thank you for informing him right away. Besides, if you’re also expecting a return of your security deposit, then being in good terms with your landlord will help you get back your deposit in record time.

Just in case though, make sure that you have a record of the landlord’s name, address, and telephone number. If you haven’t gotten back your security deposit within 15 days after the day you vacated, follow up immediately. As a general rule, a security deposit at most should be returned within 30 days after you vacated.

The landlord may NOT refuse to refund your deposit without a valid reason and he or she may NOT deduct from the amount of your deposit based on the normal wear and tear damages incurred by the apartment during your stay. To minimize damages to the apartment that may happen on the day of the move itself, you can hire a reputable moving company (preferably one that carries insurance for possible damages).

Deciding which Items to Move, Discard, Sell, or Give Away

In moving apartments, you have the option to discard, sell, or give away some of your items to make your move much easier. Make sure that you keep those pieces that are pricey or valuable and get rid of the others. You can give them away, donate them, or sell them through a garage sale or consignment store. You can then use the money to cover for all or some of your moving expenses.

Lastly, on the day of the move itself, make sure you are available to accompany the moving truck/ van operator for the inventory. You would then need to sign the service contract as well as confirm your new address and the specific delivery date. Also, let the mover know how they may contact you while in transit.


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