How to Find a Good Moving Company in Salt Lake City?

November 16, 2013 0
How to Find a Good Moving Company in Salt Lake City?

Finding a good moving company in Salt Lake City to help you with your relocation is sometimes a daunting process. There are factors to consider such as years of experience of the movers, their reputation and reliability, their offered services and the cost. However, with proper research, it is possible to find one which is truly suitable for your requirements and your budget. The following are few tips designed to help you find a reputable and affordable movers in Salt Lake:

1. Ask for Recommendations

Ask your co-workers, local real estate agents and friends if they can recommend a good local moving company. Another tip is to check out your phone book to find moving companies with offices close to your present home. This will prevent difficulties in accessing their services or contacting them. When dealing with the recommended movers, it is advisable to ask if they can provide an in-person estimate of the total moving cost.

Avoid relying on the estimate provided by a mover who has not visited or assessed even a single closet in your home. It is also advisable to prevent assuming that big-name and expensive companies are the best ones without reading reviews and feedback. Avoiding scams associated to some popular comparison websites can also help in working with the most reliable moving company in Utah.

2. Set an Appointment with at Least 3 Moving Companies

Setting appointments with multiple providers of the service is crucial in making an informed decision by comparing the offered services of various companies, as well as the cost. Make sure to ask the movers to visit your home to develop very close to accurate estimates. If you find a mover who avoids visiting your home to perform an in-home inspection and estimate, then consider finding another. It is because a moving company, which refuses to visit and evaluate your home and seems to hide information to their potential customers, is probably a scam.

When setting an appointment with a moving company, make sure to ask its representative if they will do the move on their own or if they will just sub-contract the job into another company. Make sure to deal with a company with staff who will do the move themselves. Personally visiting the office of your chosen movers is also necessary in assessing the truthfulness of their claims.

3. Check Out the Mover’s Trucks

It is necessary to have a clear view of what a mover in Salt Lake will use to store and transport your belongings. Check out the storage facility(if you need one) and moving trucks of the company you are planning to hire. This is crucial in determining if your belongings will be handled the right way. This will also give you an idea about the stability of the storage facility and trucks that will be used for the move and if these can guarantee the safety of all your valuables.

4. Check Review Sites

Visiting review websites is crucial in ensuring that your chosen moving company provides you the kind of services that you need. Use the review sites in determining if the mover specializes in your preferred type of move. Reading customer reviews is also a good way to assess the reputation of the moving company. Make sure to deal with a mover who provides the best experience to their clients.

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