How to make moving overseas easier

admin March 2, 2012 0

The following article is a guest post from Find Good Movers, who has contributed to E-Z Moving on several previous occasions.

There are many international moving companies that are experienced and reliable. Once you have decided which possessions you want to take, then you can determine how much it will cost to insure and ship your things, and on which dates your boxes should be sent, so that you don’t have difficulties because your shipment has not arrived.

In addition to shipping, there are a number of services that a relocation company offers when moving across country or overseas that you might not know of. For example, the BAR (British Association of Removers) Overseas Group not only helps individuals and families to ship their belongings overseas, they can also assist in finding schools, and provide information regarding home rentals and purchases. If you have a complaint about your relocation company, you can pursue further action through BAR, which handles disputes and consumer complaints as well.

If you know anyone in the country or city you will be moving to, then you can ask them if there are any items that they wish they had (or had not) brought with them. For example, you may decide that you need more electrical converters so you don’t need to keep using one converter for several appliances. You will also want to ask is there is anything that is not allowed in your new country. Depending on the laws of the country, some foodstuffs and other things might not be permitted. Even if you have perfectly safe, carefully labelled items, customs officers can and do throw away many packages from traveller’s suitcases, so find out in advance if there are any forbidden things that you should not pack.

If you find expatriate communities in the country you are moving to, they can be a valuable resource and can save you a lot of time and trouble if you take their advice on what to pack. You might not think you will miss or need something that you did not pack, only to discover later that you do want your own soft, absorbent towels, or coffee bean grinder, or another necessity, a home can be made much more comfortable and enjoyable with a bit of foresight.