How to move a futon

admin April 17, 2010 1

If you are agonizing over moving your futon, then don’t, for although it is heavy furniture that might be challenging for a do-it-yourself move, it can be something quite easy to do and all it would take is to take the futon apart piece by piece.

Before you start moving the furniture you would need to have an Allen wrench, pliers, large pieces of cardboard that are around 11” W x 36” L, two moving blankets and an extra pair of hands or two, depending on how large the futon is.

One of the first things that you have to do when moving a futon is to remove its covering. The purpose of removing the covering is to protect it from getting soiled or damaged during the moving process. Once you unzip the covers you should put it away safely in a plastic bag or maybe you can get one of the futon bags that are sold at the department stores for less than 15 dollars.

Using your Allen wrench, start taking the futon apart by loosening the arm bolts. You should have four bolts in your hand after removing them from the futon. Along with the bolts are barrel nuts which house the bolts. They should also be placed in a labeled sandwich bag and in a safe place.

The next step would be to remove the futon’s seat and back decks while it is in a flat position. The decks are usually disassembled in two halves so your next move is to remove both decks from the transmission clips which hold them together. After removing the clips you should also place them in a labeled sandwich bag for reassembling. The arms of the futon are attached to the stretcher and this is what you would be moving next.

You can do by removing the bolts that connect the arm to the stretch by holding the arm in a vertical position while the stretcher is in a horizontal position. Once detached from the stretchers, lay the arms with the insides facing each other and then you can begin to tightly tape them together making sure that the front and back legs are also touching each other. When you have completed this task, you can wrap the arms in the blanket.

For the stretches you can tape them at the top and bottom and place them on the front edge of the decks. Now take the cardboard pieces and after creasing them lengthways to form a U shape, tape them to the slated decks. The decks should be in an upright position as the tape should be adhered to the lower slate of the deck.