How to move a pool table

admin March 30, 2010 0

Moving a pool table is not an easy task, regular slate pool table weighs about 800-1000 lbs. Keep in mind you will not be able to move it alone. Before you even start planning the moving process, gather a few friends to help you with this task. Now that you have extra hands, it’s time to find out how to move a pool table.

You can’t move a slate pool table in one piece; the first step is taking apart the pool table. In order to complete this process efficiently, you need to have a staple puller and a flat head screwdriver. First, you need to remove the staples from the pockets. Then, unscrew the bolts from the railings. There should be 3 bolts in each rail. Once the bolts are off, you should be able to remove the rails easily.

Once the railings are removed, carefully flip the table over because the pockets can break down. When the table is flipped, you can easily remove the pockets.

The next step is to remove the felt off the top of the pool table. Most felts are either glued or stapled to the top. Start removing the felt slowly and gently and set it to the side when you are completely done.
Average pool table has 3 slates, the final step is to remove those slates from the frame of the table. The slates are screwed to the frame on each corner. The screws are covered by beeswax in order to have a flat surface. Remove the beeswax, so you can use a screwdriver or power drill and caution when removing these screws.

Even though the pool table has been taken apart, it still weighs around 800-1,000 lbs. Make sure you have a truck that can handle that much weight.

If this is something that you can’t handle yourself, there are many professional moving companies that specialize in pool tables. The average charge for this type of service is $300-500.