How to Pack for a Local Move in Salt Lake City

February 5, 2014 0
How to Pack for a Local Move in Salt Lake City

Moving into a new home is an exciting and challenging phase in a family’s life. With a new environment to live in and new people to meet, there are sure to be a lot of things that a family should take into consideration. But before you focus on the meet and greet portions with your new neighbors and before thinking about the decors you’ll need to add to your new home, you must first think about how you will be moving your stuff safely and successfully into your new home: are you going to move yourself or hire a moving company? The list below provides you with different things that you should consider on how to pack for a local move.

Pack your stuff from one specific room at a time. This will help you organize your things once you are in your new home. If you want to keep all things in one room the way they were in the old home, then this will be a very helpful tasks.

Start packing things that are least often used. Through this, you get to unpack the most important things and allow you to place them in a better location in your new home.

Make a checklist of all the things you have and tick each box once they are packed. By doing so, you know which items you have already packed for the move. This will also help you avoid losing or forgetting important stuff. It is also important for you to take note of where you have put each item so you will know where to get them without scrambling through all boxes.

Choose packing boxes which are strong and sturdy. When you choose strong boxes, you get to maximize its use. You can fill it to the brim and you won’t have to risk breaking any fragile items just because your box got torn. You must also seal the openings, especially the bottom of the box, with sturdy packaging tapes to help support the weight of the stuff you are packing. Plus, you can easily stack your boxes in the moving truck to maximize the vehicle’s space.

Fill a box only until it is heavy enough and you can still lift it. Don’t put all heavy things in one box and light things in the other. Balancing the items’ weight in different boxes will allow you to easily lift the box for moving. Also put the heavier stuff under the box so it won’t squish, deform, or worse, break the lighter items.

When packing breakable items, you need to make sure that they won’t get chinked during the move, so wrap them separately with bubble wrap or newspaper. To avoid very fragile items from getting smudged by newspaper, you can stick with bubble wraps or any clean paper which are not in use.

Put marks on the boxes. To inform your movers on how to handle the boxes, make sure that they are marked properly. Put “Fragile” or “This way up” whenever necessary. This will avoid your stuff from getting mishandled.

Label the sides of the boxes clearly. Also make sure to write which room each box goes to so that you won’t get your stuff mixed up when you unpack them. One thing that you can do instead is to use a color coding system and assign a specific color for each room. This will also allow you to easily organize and arrange your things once you are in your new home.

Prepare your essentials on a separate box. Once you move to your new home, you will definitely need immediate access to your essentials: brushes, bathing and cleaning items, toiletries, food, water, and clothes. This will allow you to freshen up in between your unpacking and organizing phases of the move.

Separate all important items and keep them with you. Documents like passports, birth certificates, licenses, jewelries, money, and all other valuables must be packed separately. As much as possible, keep them with you to avoid loss.

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