How to select an auto shipping company

admin June 12, 2010 1

Whether you’re transporting a high-priced or a standard family vehicle you can always find a good car shipping company that meets your requirements and moving budget. There are many auto shipping companies that provide a wide range of transportation services including local and international transport. When contracting an auto shipping company you have to acknowledge some matters particular to car transport, unlike your other belongings automobiles have some exact requirements like extra insurance coverage and car inspection reports.

Be certain that the auto transporter sufficiently insures your vehicle. When checking on auto shippers the first thing you want to learn is the total price. Be ready to offer the following details: pickup/delivery addresses, dates, and type of vehicle. You should also decide what type of transportation method you want. There are many choices available with a wide sort of prices; for instance door-to-door auto shipping, enclosed shipping and auto carrier services.

Some carriers may ask a full payment before the pick up, while others will ask only a deposit. Sometimes it is complicated for a auto moving company to provide an exact delivery date, however some carriers will provide a rental car if they are not able to deliver on the agreed date. The transportation company should let you know of possible delays in advance. If you want to set an exact date for pick-up of your vehicle, most companies can pick-up your automobile and keep it at a safe location for an extra fee.

When you car is picked up, make sure you get an inspection report, this document provides receiving and delivery data, current mileage, and details the condition of a vehicle. Ensure to have everything in writing.

Keep in mind it’s not the size of a company or a fleet that makes a company reputable, it is the skill of the people behind the company and their dedication to a customer. A good auto shipping company will have a team of educated professionals who will take care of you and your vehicle. The bottom line is if you know the primary facts about the auto shipping business it will make selecting the right carrier simple and easy.