How to Select the Right Moving Company in Salt Lake, Utah?

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How to Select the Right Moving Company in Salt Lake, Utah?

Moving can offer a stressful experience to people because it involves a lot of stressful tasks. These include packing your belongings, choosing the right packing materials, dealing with your emotions especially if you stayed in your present location for a long time, and figuring out who among the moving companies in Utah are reliable enough to put the safety of your belongings, on top of their priorities.

Selecting the right Salt Lake City moving company which is also very reliable and honest can have a positive impact on the success of your desired relocation. Note that the key towards a stress-free moving schedule is to conduct a broad research in advance and work with the right mover. To provide ease in the selection process, here are some tips designed to help homeowners choose the most dependable moving company:

1. Seek for Recommendations

The best way to start is to ask the opinion of your close friends and family. They might be able to recommend a company who is reliable enough to make your move as stress-free as possible. Your real estate agent might also be capable of providing good recommendations. Another tip in obtaining recommendations is to visit professional association websites dedicated to movers. Visiting the official websites of the most popular movers in Salt Lake City can also help in gathering information about them, and determining which one can meet your unique demands and requirements.

Create a list of at least three recommended companies. Set an appointment with them to conduct an interview. During the interview, make sure to ask for a written estimate of the cost of their services. Make sure that the provided quote is well-detailed. Stay away from companies that seem to evade giving out relevant details about the cost of their services. Look for a mover who is very transparent especially in terms of the services that he offers as well as how much his company charges. Note that the transparency of a moving company indicates that its team does not hide anything from prospective clients.

2. Identify All Items that Require Moving

If possible, create a list or an inventory of all your belongings. Allow the moving company’s representative to wander around your home and show him all items to be moved once he arrives in your location for an inspection. It is also vital to point out special and valuable belongings including fragile antiques, pool table, piano or mirrors.

It is also crucial to let the mover know the items that his team will handle and the specific things that you will do yourself. Things that you can do on your own include dismantling beds and packing. Another tip is to provide the mover with information about the exact location of your new home. Informing them about any obstacles in the new location including narrow hallways and stairs is also necessary. This is a good way to get an accurate estimate or quote.

3. Stay Away from Fraudulent Companies

One indicator that you are dealing with a scammer is when the provider asks for huge cash deposits before even visiting your home for an inspection. Check the official website of your chosen Utah company to determine if it has a physical address. Your moving company should also be able to provide proof that they are licensed and insured. This will reduce your risk of getting scammed.

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