Make Your Move More Affordable

admin October 29, 2012 0

Moving can be an expensive endeavor, as in budget-breaking expensive, in part because there are so many considerations to keep in mind. From packing and unpacking to the supplies to do so to the contracting of a company to do the heavy lifting and more, it seems as though the expenses associated with a move are never-ending. This point may be even poignant if you need auto shipping as well. However, despite the mounting bills associated with a move, there are ways to make the overall process a bit more affordable. Consider a few tips:

• Find a company that does it all: Bundling allows you to save money by booking a bevy of services with the same company. This often comes with a discount, since the company in question is encouraging you to give it all of your business. Ask about existing packages or if you can get special pricing based on a package that you put together yourself.

• Do some of the work yourself: You might not be able to load your stuff and drive the moving truck and perhaps you are loathe to drive cross country in your vehicle, opting for auto shipping yourself, both of which are smart moves on the part of anyone in the throes of moving. However, there are some things you can do yourself to save on the cost of moving. Pack and unpack yourself; if there’s too much to do on your own, throw a packing party with friends. If you supply the music, food and beverages, then they may be more apt to help put a few boxes together. You might also opt to get boxes and other supplies from your local thrift store instead of a big box retailer. Since quantity is an issue when moving, getting the cheaper supplies is helpful towards your bottom line.

• Search for coupons: Many service-oriented companies offer coupons for some money off. If you are unsure of where to look, you might start with local coupon books generally available in grocery stores or on any one of the online deal sites. There is almost always something for auto transport and/or moving services.

• Ask about first-time customer discounts and referral rewards: Many companies offering moving services and auto transport will offer a discount for those customers booking for the first time. Additionally, if you refer others to the company and they book service, you may see a financial reward as well, many times applied to the next time you need service. This might be more poignant for auto transport, since that is a service you are likely to soon use again ahead of moving another time. Keep in mind, however, that this type of discount is not a requirement, so you may have to shop around a bit to find the company in question that does offer this kind of discount, since there are those that do not. It should be part of your preliminary research in finding a moving company that also offers auto transport and other services.