Moving During the Winter – Tips

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moving-during-winterMoving interstate in late fall and winter is a taboo for many people, and even some moving companies. The unpredictable weather poses many problems to both the loading of the truck and the transportation in itself. The snow and mud are obstacles for the crew that is going to carry your stuff. The cold can be severe enough to effectively change your plans, and so on. Keeping all of this in mind, we will talk not only about the challenges of winter relocation, but also about the advantages you get just by choosing a not-so-popular date for your move.

Most of the time moves in winter aren’t planned – they can be a result of disputes with the landlord, property issues, etc. These cases are hard to plan for, but if you have decided to move through the cold months – and you prepare for the challenges appropriately – you can save up to 30% of the moving costs since it’s the off-peak season for the moving business and rates are lower!

Challenges of a Winter Move

It’s cold… but we should get moving
Before you start, find a reliable cross country movers to help you with your winter interstate move and fill in a moving quote to get an idea of what an interstate winter move would cost you.

Moving During the WinterA winter move should be planned long before the actual relocation. When you’re in a “winter situation”, you should start planning well in advance. As we mentioned earlier, the unreliable weather can put a twig in your wheels, so prepare by providing extra time to respond to possible changes in plans.

Possibly the worst problem with winter relocation is the cold. Wintertime is characterized by chilling winds, deep snow (especially if you live in the northern states), mud and other unpleasant factors that you have to take into consideration.

The very first thing you should take care of to prepare for moving day is clear the snow from your driveway. Salt and sand can make the pathways and the driveway secure for walking and the moving truck. Alternatively, you can purchase a special mix that dissolves snow quickly from any gardening store.

Make sure you prepare the driveway in front of your new home, too. Mud can be traversed by using pieces of board or another material that provides a good grip. It is vital that nobody slips on ice or mud with your precious items in hand. Wear high boots with a good grapple if you are going to be helping and managing the movers on-site.

Problems with transportation
The main problems arise when the moving truck leaves the your old house and heads up to the new one. Closed roads, obstacles around your new house, snow everywhere – movers can charge you extra if they have problems reaching your new home, or the road is long and hard to traverse. Consider checking the weather situation frequently days before the actual moving day. Moving state to state during the winter requires not only a good plan on how to proceed with the whole winter situation, but a professional interstate moving company too. So, research moving companies and make sure you work with an experienced, reliable moving company.

Items not suitable for winter transportation
Use common sense to prevent accidents during item transportation. Do not pack liquids that can freeze, or as a matter of fact restrain from putting full liquid containers of any kind in the moving truck. Using plastic boxes can be a better solution that the cardboard ones – there is bound to be melting snow all over the place and cardboard does not respond well to getting wet. Keep boxes with electronics away from the snow – label them so movers don’t accidentally put them on the ground. Consider using a nearby storage facility to hold bulky, valuable items that you can’t take with you – that way you will be sure they are safe until the weather conditions are better and you can transport them. Any items that cannot stand cold should be wrapped in blankets.

One tip for electronics: don’t turn any electronics immediately after bringing them in from the cold. You risk condensing water ruining your new monitor!

Author: Manuella Irwin is a relocation professional. She is one of the esteemed contributors to tips and checklists.