Moving furniture

admin October 13, 2010 2

Moving furniture can be a huge story; it is cumbersome and this is indeed a put off for any mover. What can be even worst than moving furniture? The answer is storing them for even though you may find a storage company that may be visibly clean and are without little pesky rodents and dust, there are other factors that would make moving furniture a bit of a headache for you.

First of all, we would insist that you locate a storage facility that is not only safe around the parameters of the company but one that has strong locks to your individual storage unit. Earlier on we also mentioned that you choose a storage company that is without pests and dust and if you are not sure about if there are critters in the storage room then look around for the warning signs that would tell you otherwise. Pellets and droppings on the floor are clear indication that there is an unwelcomed visitor on the premises.

Once you are satisfied that the cleanliness of the storage unit is up to your standards, then you can start to think about choosing a date to move in your furniture. As you move in your items you should request that you are able to get a storage unit which features a climate control option. Why is a climate control unit a good one to have you may ask? This is because too much cold or heat can definitely destroy your furniture and that’s probably the last thing that you would want to happen to your furniture. Since most storage companies have climate controlled storage units then you would not have a problem in finding one for your own furniture. However this convenience may come with a price more than you’ll pay for regular storage. But you would soon see that it is indeed worth paying the extra price.

Sometimes it is always good to have a backup plan in your pocket and one for your furniture would be to get them all insured long before you go to the relocate your items. There may be some of you who may have to move in a hurry and may not have the time to get your furniture insured. You would be happy to know that some of the storage companies are also able to provide you with the furniture insurance coverage that you need.

Aside from insurance, remember you too have to do your part when it comes to the way in which you store your furniture. First off you may want to consider draping some cloth over your furniture to keep it from getting dusty. Moving experts would also suggest that you place your furniture slightly above ground level as the elevation can prevent your items from getting damages should there be a water leak which could easily cause a flood.