Moving Insurance—Do you Need One?

admin September 22, 2012 0

If you are planning to relocate from one place to another, you should consider getting moving insurance for your things. Coverage is usually offered by moving companies. People who are responsible for your things that need to be moved should also make sure that your things are properly insured especially if they are expensive. One of the questions that you are probably asking yourself is this: moving insurance—do you need one?

There are certain situations when this type of insurance is not only an added bonus or a convenience but a necessity. Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring a moving company, the information in the paragraphs below will tell you whether you are in a situation when being covered is a must.

• You need to get moving insurance if you have expensive electronics that need to be moved. For example, your large LED TV that looks like a mini theater and cost you thousands of dollars should definitely be insured. This electronic appliance is also sensitive. It gets easily damaged if something bumps against it or if it falls on the ground. Other expensive electronic appliances that need insurance are your large oven with four burners, the rest of your entertainment system like your speakers, and so on.

• You should also insure your large furniture pieces that are expensive, especially antique furniture if you have any. Some expensive furniture pieces include your queen sized bed, living room set, dining room set, wardrobe, armoire, and other large pieces made of solid wood. These things may be accidentally scratched during the move so it is better to have insurance for them.

• If you are moving fine china and dinnerware that are also expensive, make sure that they are also properly insured. You do want to lose these things just because you moved to a new home. It would surely break your heart to find out that your beloved china and dinnerware that you do not want to use even on very special occasions for fear of breaking them are finally broken to pieces. And while you are at it, why not insure your other dishes as well, even the ones that you use every day or your holiday dishes?

• You should also get a moving insurance if you are moving a large piece of heirloom. For instance, that antique secretary desk which you got from your great grandmother should be handled with care and at the same time should be insured. It is important that you take care of your family heirlooms so that you can still pass them on to your kids and grandkids.

The things included in this list may suggest that you have to insure expensive things and stuff with high value. However, you can also insure normal things that you use every day in preparation for your move, especially if these are your only possessions in the world.