Moving with children

admin January 13, 2010 0

Moving is already a stressful project, just think about how much harder it can become when you’re moving with children in the equation. It is a known fact that children do not react very well when they are told that they have to relocate to another home. Not only are they relocating to another home but they are also leaving their school and friends behind to go start anew at another school.

And just like some adults, children who have to say goodbye to their old neighborhood may soon be overwhelmed with the feeling of sadness and depression. Moving experts would tell you that moving long-distance with your kids is even more painful especially if the climate is a bit different to what they are accustomed. One way in which you can help your children accept the reality of moving is by indulging them in the moving preparation the moment you decide to move.

You can get them involved by allowing them to help you pack and perhaps you can even talk about the positive aspects of the move. For instance if your child loves to swim and your new home is situated mere minutes from a swimming pool, then this is one of the highlights of the new place that you should be discussing with your child. Let him know about the new friends he would be meeting and tap in to his insecurities and alleviate them. Remember too that the more you get excited about moving the more the children would feed off of your excitement.

Most of all be honest with your children and let them know the reasons behind the move. So if your reason for moving is to accept a job offer explain every detail of that to the children. Let them know how vital it is for you to move and accept the job; above all let them know how they can benefit from it. Next allow your children some time to spend with their soon-to-be-old friends as much as possible even if you have to pull together a farewell party for them. When moving day arrives, make sure that you have the handheld games and toys for the children to occupy them as they journey to the new location.

After arriving at the new place it would be wise to keep a close eye on your children to see that they are coping well with the move. And if the children opt to have their room decorated similar to their old one then allow them to do so. Sleeping in familiar surroundings could have a positive impact on the children; they would definitely start warming up to the idea of living in a new space.