Should you use used moving boxes

admin April 6, 2010 0

Many people when planning a move to their hew home, make the same moving mistakes and one of them is visiting local grocery stores and asking for free boxes. This may sound like a great idea to save money on a move, however many consumers face problems when using this type of boxes. There are some extreme reasons why professional moving companies provide quality moving boxes to relocate goods to a new destination.

Boxes collected from grocery stores actually can cost the consumers more in the long run. First off, these boxes are not the suitable to pack everything and this means that there is a risk of breaking any fragile items that might be packed. Although used boxes may have suffered some rust and damage. Used boxes may have soft spots or may leave dirt your belongings. If household belongings are not properly packed, the contents can end up moving around inside the box and most likely moving company will deny a claim for a fragile or more valuable items.

While it may cost more in dollars, it is wiser to purchase quality moving boxes and supplies. In order to minimize any potential damage, it is best to use sturdy moving boxes to move things from one place to another. Moving boxes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Further, there are special moving boxes for highly fragile items such as pictures, mirrors, which are designed and corrugated for additional protection.

In terms of packing supplies, it will be extremely difficult to find free bubble wrap or foam peanuts to pack fragile items. Bubble wrap and foam peanuts are reasonable investment and they much better for packing breakables items. Bubble wrap and foam peanuts offer the very crucial protection that highly fragile items require in order to make it from one home to another safely. Packaging paper will be a good option for dishes and cups.