The First Step To A Successful Move

May 29, 2014 0
The First Step To A Successful Move

Moving can be an ordeal for you and your family. First you must decide on the area you are moving to, find an appropriate house or apartment, find a school for the kids, and maybe even find work if you are not moving for a job. A move is just hard on a family. It seems like you are now reducing your lives to what can fit inside your allotted space in the moving van. With all these things coming to mind, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle.

What should get done first? This is the question that gets the ball rolling and sets the tone for all the other tasks to come. The easiest step is the first in moving and the in to get done before you even start the moving. Do a house wide spring cleaning. Go through every cupboard, and every closet. Take inventory of your family’s possessions. Throw out or donate what you do not need or want as the less you have to move the less difficult it will be.

Starting your move from a point of a clean and organized house is more of a boon than you think. Getting rid of things now prior to a move, will stop hesitation about getting rid of them mid move. Your move will proceed faster and more organized if you do this first step right. But this really is not the first step.

The first step make the next step a lot easier, which is get your boxes. You are going to need boxes to pack things in and you are going to need a lot of them. Now is you have hired a moving company in Salt Lake they do this for you. They have built the cost of packing into their quote and it’s a smooth sail here on out. But not everyone can hire a moving company. So boxes are needed.

Boxes can be quite expensive. Buying them in bulk or one at a time at a moving store, either way you’re paying a lot out of pocket. You can of course cut costs. Salt Lake City grocery stores and liquor stores are always throwing out good boxes. Paper boxes at the office are usually quite sturdy. You can find them somewhere.

Well if boxes are now in hand the ordeal of packing begins. Taking your entire life and placing in it in cardboard boxes, labeling it all, and loading it on a truck is a time consuming and foul task. Tempers run high among family, and things never go well. Now if you are fortunate to have hired a moving company, and then guess what folks, they do it for you. If not, you are stick doing this one your own.

Finally, your place is packed and ready to be put behind you. Well not yet actually. Now you have an empty house in need of deep cleaning. Curtains have to washed, carpets shampooed, maybe walls have to be patched up. Floors swept and walls washed.

If you were renting this is important to maintain good rental history, and get your deposits back. If you own and are selling it is important to show off the house in its best light, as it will sell better and for more. At the end of the day if you have hired a moving company they will do some of this. Hire a cleaning company for the rest. It is the best advice you can get. After days of packing and moving, the last thing you want to do is spend the night cleaning up.

Moving is an ordeal, and if you read between the lines of this little article you can see my point. The best first move that can be recommended for a large move is hiring the right moving company. If you have the funds to do it, do it. If not, good luck, you’re going to need it.


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