Tips on How to Prepare and Move Appliances

May 9, 2013 0
Tips on How to Prepare and Move Appliances

If you are planning to move in Salt Lake City, make it a point to learn how to prepare and move appliances. Surveys show this as one of the most common burdens of families who have to moves. Here are some tips to make the process easier.

1.Create a checklist of your appliances. This will serve as your inventory to help you identify any appliances that need repair. You want to make sure that all your appliances are in good working condition as you bring them to your new home address.

2.Clean and dry your appliances such as refrigerator, washer, and range to name some. Use their manual as your reference. Most times, you only need to use water to clean the appliances, or mild detergent diluted in water. Use clean and smooth rags to dry them and prevent scratches. Using a vacuum cleaner is also an option.

3.Make sure to unplug your refrigerator 24 hours or more before you move. Take out all contents, especially those that are easy to perish. You can consume, give away, or throw these perishables. The appliance has to be empty including magnets that you normally place on the door as decoration or as note-holder.

4.Secure all movable parts including the power cord. Disassemble loose items such as the shelves. Wrap these items using your towels or blankets, or newspapers and label the packages accordingly. Do the same for the cord to prevent it from getting in the way, and from unnecessary damage.

5.For your stove, wrap all loose parts in blankets, towels, or newspapers with their labels. Be sure to unplug the stove from the power source, or turn off the gas and disconnect the line before you do any disassembly of parts. With the latter, if you are not sure you can handle it safely, it is always best to ask for help.

6.With your washer, when it is already clean and dry, stuff blankets, towels, or clothes inside. Stuffing the appliance will not only protect it from damage but will also serve as your space saver when moving. Always consult the manual for any disassembling of parts, or call the company’s customer support.

7.One of the first things you need to check and secure are the power cords of your appliances. The cords can interfere with your appliances’ movability. It helps that you secure the cord and tape it neatly to the back of the appliance it belongs to.

These are just seven (7) tips on how to prepare and move appliances. Knowing how will bring much benefit in making your transfer stress-free. You will prevent or lessen damage to your appliances, and enjoy a more convenient and comfortable move to your new home.

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