What to expect to remodel when you move in your new place

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Moving day has finally arrived. The doorbell rings and it is your New York moving company with supplies in hand ready to start packing your things to move them to the home of your dreams. Well sort of. While your new home includes most of the items on your wish list, like most people, you will have to remodel your new place to get it just right.

The most common remodels for new homeowners are parts or all of the kitchen and bathroom renos. Indeed, once the moving company drops off the last item, many new homeowners are already on the phone with their designer wondering when they can get started.

Kitchens are atop most remodel lists to upgrade amenities, reflect a different design aesthetic, or to make it more functional for the homeowner’s needs. Along those lines, one of the most popular kitchen upgrades is moving to granite countertops. They are not only more functional and durable, but they are safe since they contain less radon than can be found in the environment outside. Granite countertops are also easier to maintain, look gorgeous and add to the resale value of the home making them a priority for most new homeowners.

Also important for new kitchens is to create an open concept space on the main floor that gives it a better flow. And open concept usually means removing walls to create one continuous living space that is brighter and comfortable. The addition of an island to an open concept kitchen is a must have for most new homeowners since it provides additional food preparation and informal eating spaces, and much needed extra storage. Like all renovations, picking out the perfect island in your open kitchen will say a lot about your style.

Bathroom renovations are usually undertaken to better reflect your lifestyle as well. Number one on the list is replacing the old showers with walk-in showers with ceramic tile and a luxury shower head. And the new shower heads are fun, like the ones that mimic the rain or give you a massage or better yet shower heads that have the look and feel of a waterfall. Other main reasons for bathroom remodels include installing all low-flow toilets, taking advantage of gorgeous, better functioning, water-saving faucets. Or a simple updating of a cabinet or sink.

Flooring is another remodel trend and lately that means more wood floors. Loved for their durability, easy maintenance and classic looks, hardwood floors are making a comeback. And picking a style right for your new home just might be as much work as finding the right NYC movers to care for your prized and priceless antique pieces. With so many options, from wide planks and scrubbed looks, to exotic woods or engineered wooden floors, the selection is fantastic.

Another trendy flooring option is tile. One idea catching on is to use the same tile inside as outside for a continuity in color and style throughout. A second choice is to using dashes of color in your tile to spice it up, or to use oversized tiles. Many homeowners are using tile and stone on walls too adding texture and warmth to an otherwise pedestrian wall.

Replacing windows and doors are also high on the list for new homeowner’s remodels. Function, efficiency and investment value head the list of reasons why. Replacing single pain windows or old doors is an absolute must in order to seal your home making it more comfortable and energy efficient. Windows and doors can also add to the beauty of your home while saving you a significant amount of money on electric bills and adding to your home’s value. Going green is key when picking out windows and doors.

The moment you walk through the doors of your new home, the moving company in tow, the excitement and disbelief will once again bubble to the surface. You are home and ready for the remodel to get underway so that it will look just as you imagined.

The article was provided by Serenity Movers, local moving company based out of New York.

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