What You Should Expect from a Good Moving Company

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If you are new to hiring movers in Salt Lake City to help out on moving day, it can be a nerve wracking experience. Most people don’t even know what to expect out of a good or bad moving company, they just know they need someone to help them move all this stuff they somehow accumulated over the years. Due to the sheer magnitude of moving, a lot of things can go right and wrong during a move. So how do we know when things are going right?

With a quality moving company in Utah there are certain things that can expect. This is why when you research prices of moving companies it can vary so much from company to company. Here are some things you can expect a great moving company to deliver.

A Good Pre-Moving Interview Process
Whether you are speaking to a sales representative or the owner of a company when you first make contact, who you talk to at first when calling a moving company tells you a lot about how well the moving company functions. A moving company that cares will want to put their best foot forward by making a good first impression.

So when you interview the moving company the person on the phone should be friendly and competent. They should easily be able to answer any questions that you may have about the pricing, scheduling, insurance and process of the move.

The Moving Quote
Anyone who is willing to give you a moving quote without collecting enough information is probably trying to con you into signing on a contract with extra fees. In order to make an accurate moving quote, movers need know specifics about the move that will let them know exactly how long the move will take them. In some cases, especially with long distance moves, they will need to estimate the actual weight of your items to accurately assess much the move will cost.

This means that the mover should either ask for an inventory of your items over the phone, or they may even want to come out for an in-house estimate. If any moving company does less than this, I would warn you to be wary or to expect extra fees and charges to be tacked on at the completion of the move.

Quality Advice on the Moving Process
When it comes time to plan the process of the move, asking the advice of the moving company will give insight into how they work. Any honest moving company will give you advice on what the removal process and scheduling should be like. They will also give you advice on how to make moving day run as smoothly as possible.

Another thing to keep in mind is that any moving company should take consideration into how you want the move to go. This requires a company to refer to you for scheduling and planning, so that they can do their best to match your specific needs. Moving is an intricate process that involves everyone to be involved, so really try to choose a moving company that spends time on this interaction.

They Ask for Directions on Moving Day
When it comes time for packing and moving, the movers should actively ask for your advice through-out the process. This means that during moving day the moving company will want you there in order to do this. Any moving company that doesn’t want you there or doesn’t insist upon it probably isn’t all that concerned with the quality of work that they deliver.

Good movers will keep the line of communication open, because they care that you end up satisfied with their work. Even without you directing them, they will specifically take the time to ask questions that will help the process along. Also, they will offer feedback on your directions if they think there is a better way to go about doing something.

You’ll Feel the Need to Tip
Most of you probably know that you are supposed to tip movers if you feel as if they did a good job. This should never feel like an obligatory task of course, but it can be nice if you feel as if the movers deserve a little something extra care with their work. It is a good sign that the movers did a good job when you can’t wait to tip the movers, because you are just elated that nothing turned into a disaster.

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