Free Truck Rental with Storage

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Chances are if you live in an urban area there are several self storage facilities within a 10 minute drive of your home. Many of the storage facilities will have similar amenities (security gates, coded access, 24 hour surveillance, etc), the same size storage units and similar prices. What else could set apart the storage facilities then? Free truck rental is an extra amenity many storage facilities do not have. Though the truck rental is free there are some costs and stipulations involved. Read on to find out more:

Most customers will have a tough time getting their belongings from their homes to the storage unit without some sort of truck due to the amount and size of the items they are storing. Some storage facilities will offer truck rentals while others may not. Some will even offer FREE truck rentals to customers who rent a storage unit. Although the truck rental is free, there may be some costs and provisions to the rental.

One stipulation is a deposit may be required prior to getting access to the truck. The deposit is usually less than $100 and is refundable with the safe and damage free return of the truck. Typically, you can put the deposit down with a credit card or check. A purchase of insurance may also be required in order to drive the truck. The insurance should not be more than $20.

A second condition is the purchase of gas for the truck. Once you have picked up your items from your home, you will most likely be asked to fill up the tank prior to arrival back to the storage unit. Be sure to hold onto your receipt in case the manager asks for proof of payment.

Another specification is a mileage limit on the trucks. Most storage facilities put a limit on the number of miles you get when you drive the truck – usually not more than 60 miles. If you drive more than the allotted amount of miles you will undoubtedly be charged for it. Be sure to let the storage manager know if you plan to go over the mileage amount to avoid confusion and confrontation later. There may also be a time limit on the truck rental. Most facilities will not allow you to have the truck for more than a few hours in order to permit other paying customers the truck as well.

There are many things which make most self storage facilities similar and a few amenities which separate the best from the rest. Remember, free truck rental is a great amenity to have but it does come with costs and stipulations. Be sure to read the fine print and ask questions before driving off into the sunset.

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