Moving, Self Storage, and Other Miserable Affairs in San Diego

admin March 8, 2012 1

When storing all of your belongings into a storage unit, it is recommended to look at it as if you were playing a classic game of Tetris. Every piece of furniture should have its designated spot inside of your storage unit to create more space for the rest of your things. It is best to ask for help in finding the right size storage unit for you and all of your possessions. For your convenience, the storage owners have the knowledge of finding you the best storage unit that will fit your needs. It is very frustrating when you buy a storage unit and you suddenly start to realize that it is not the correct size that you needed. Even if you have a plenty big storage unit it never hurts to read some tips on how to pack your stuff self storage in San Diego.

Here are some useful hints to squeeze everything into your storage unit.

• Boxes that are the same size will fit perfectly on top or beside one another.
• Do not put too many heavy items in one box. When packing people are thinking of getting as many thing inside of one box but, you always have to remember that one day you will be lifting the boxes again. When stacking heavy boxes it will increase the chances of crushing anything beneath them, which may result in damaging valuable items.
• Be sure to know what the weather is like in the area of the storage unit. Is it hot, cold, mild climate? If there is extreme humidity then you should think about getting a climate controlled unit to be extra safe.
• Moisture can be a big deal when storing stuff. Calcium chloride and silica gel packets are great for humid climates and work great for absorbing moisture when put inside of a box.
• Dissembling bed frames and tables will create more space for storing. It will also make it easier to move your things later on in the future.
• Keep in mind if you have temporary items, because it is smart to store them in front of everything to avoid digging through your entire storage.
• Smaller furniture that does not come apart usually can be placed at the top of the stack
• Ladders will definitely be a big help when storing things on top of a high stack.

today’s guest author is Eddie Munoz, marketing specialist for Onebyone Self Storage