Storage Restrictions – What is Not Allowed to Store

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So you must be thinking that when you need to store your excess items you can simply put just about anything in a storage unit once you make your monthly payment, right? Well think again because there are a lot of storage companies these days that are cutting down on the types of items that they allow on their property. While storage companies can really use the monthly fee that you pay for leaving your property, they are also about security and staying above board with the law.

That’s why any materials that you may have that are either harmful or illegal would be turned away should you try to leave it at a storage facility. Truth be told there is actually a long laundry list of items that you can and cannot leave in a self storage unit but depending on where you may take your business you may actually get the heads up on storing a particular item that another storage company would refuse. Expensive jewelry is one of these items that some storage companies would think it is a big risk to store while another storage company would gladly store them for you.

Like public and self storage units local moving companies also have limitations on what they allow you to move on their vehicle. These companies usually provide prospective clients with a list of the items that are restricted for storing or moving but even you hire a company that does not provide you with this information you should either ask for it or be proactive enough to compile a list of the items that you wish to move or store and then have a representative from one of these companies approve or disapprove the items.

What we can tell you now is that the list of items that are prohibited from storing or moving runs the gamut of combustible materials like explosives, gasoline, acid and even nail polish and remover to perishable food items. Storing perishable food items can only encourage unwanted insects and rodents which could eventually result in an infestation. Plants too can attract pests and since they also do not fair well in certain types of climates, they too are written off the list of items to store. There are some people who have a lot of valuable items that they wish to store and most of these items include important documents, software and even medication. It is recommended that you get a self-storage unit for items such as these once they are approved by the storage company. Usually you may have to pay a tidy sum for storing these items but it’s all worth it since you are paying for a maximum level of security for your items.

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