Storage Prices in Salt Lake City Neighborhoods

admin November 7, 2012 4

You’re likely here reading the EZ Moving SLC blog for one reason and one reason only: because you’re planning a move to or within Salt Lake City. And if you are planning a move, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need to rent a storage unit (one-in-ten people do). Whether it’s because your new house isn’t finished, or because you can’t move everything into your home in a single weekend, you may very well need to find a storage unit—and you’ll want to book it for the best price. While the internet now makes finding storage deals in Salt Lake City easier than ever, there are still a few things you should know before you begin your search. One of those is that storage prices hew closely to real estate prices, and so prices in different Salt Lake City neighborhoods can vary widely. So allow us to show you around.

The average price for a storage unit (regardless of size) in Salt Lake City is $127/mo., which is higher than the average price of storage in Utah ($119) but lower than the average national price for storage, $129. To give you a better idea of how prices for different sizes play out, a 10×10 storage unit (the middlemost size, the other standard sizes being 5×5, 5×10, 10×15, 10×20) costs an average $86/mo. But even within the 10×10 bracket, prices at different facilities around Salt Lake City can vary widely. The lowest average price on a 10×10 unit in SLC is $55/mo, the highest $123, more than double. Location is the most important factor. As you can see below, prices are highly dependent upon location:

Larger, lighter squares represent higher average prices, while smaller, darker squares represent the best deals. Data is taken from the Self Storage Deals directory and so does not represent a complete view of the industry.

Analysis time: prices in Salt Lake City proper are pretty close to average, ranging between $62 and $105. There are fewer storage facilities in central SLC, which is tune with most metropolitan areas. However, Salt Lake City is a bit unusual in that prices in the city’s suburbs are often higher. Let’s look at those.
South Salt Lake contains the majority of the city’s storage facilities, with even more facilities in adjacent Holladay, Murray, and East Millcreek. Prices in South Salt Lake are pretty reasonable, ranging between a low of $67 to a high of $123, with most facilities weighted towards the lower end. Prices generally increase as you head out from there: expect to pay around $140 in East Millcreek, $105 in Holladay, and just under $100 in Murray.

If we continue south into West Jordan, Midvale, and Sandy Hills, prices begin to skyrocket. While you can find units here for around $80, some facilities are going for as high as $203-$226. Moving west into Kearns and West Valley city, we see prices drop a little, but $160/mo. is still common. Head a bit south of Kearns or west of Magna to find prices between $60-$80.

For the cheapest storage in Salt Lake City, head north. Though there are far fewer facilities in North Salt Lake, a 10×10 unit will only cost you between $55-$75/mo.

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