The way that people choose to store their extra household items have indeed revolutionized over the last few years to include the convenient mobile storage units. Commonly known as PODS container, this type of mobile storage unit offers more convenience and is a time saver especially when compared to traditional storage options. For years the way of keeping items in storage included loading up a truck where a person can pack all his items in the back tray before driving it to the nearby storage facility.

Now you have the mobile storage unit companies actually going the distance for its customers by sending out a portable storage unit to a person’s home or office or wherever they may want the storage unit to go. When the PODS unit gets to its destination, one is able to start packing their items into it and they can do so at their own pace. For added convenience, the company would even send their crew to your home just in case you need assistance in packing your container. As soon as the task is completed, the movers would take your mobile storage unit back to the storage facility where he would be kept safe.

Even if you are ready to remove your items out of storage, there are some facilities that would send the mobile storage unit to your home or wherever you want it to go. Of course there are other advantages about renting a mobile storage unit one of which allows you to actually keep the storage unit on your property for as long as you wish, while you continue to rent it. In addition no matter where you choose to keep your mobile storage you’re your mind would be at ease knowing that your items are safe. Safety for your mobile storage goes beyond the normal lock and key; some of these units are equipped with video security cameras and alarms to name a few.

The construction of the mobile units alone shows just how durable these units are. They are made from heavy-steel with strong doors and roofs and the material used can protect the unit against any type of weather as well as it is also made to protect against external damages as well. Mobile storage units are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and you can start looking at a unit that is 10 feet or you may prefer one with a larger space at 40 feet. If you require a much larger space than 40 feet, there are some mobile storage companies that would customize a unit to your desired size.